Bluegrass Electrolysis and Laser Clinic is located at 160 Moore Drive suite 205 Lexington, KY.

Our clinic is owned and operated by Louise Chaffins of Lexington, KY.

Before opening our clinic in Lexington, we have been in this business for over 20 years practicing in Hazard and Jenkins KY.

Bluegrass Electrolysis and Laser Clinic opened in Lexington in 2005. We rapidly grew and began offering other services.

We are members of the American Electrology Association and the Allied Health Association. We have attended seminars in San Francisco, New York, Las Vegas, New Jersey and North Carolina. We have received advanced training from the Monterey Bay institute of Electrology in Monterey California. We are proud of all the accomplishment that we have earned in the field of Electrolysis and Laser hair removal.

We can offer to our clients with unwanted hair problems the choice between Electrolysis or Laser. We offer a free consultation and from that information obtained from the client we can develop a treatment plan that will rid our client of their unwanted hair problem and in return they can stop suffering needlessly from this problem.

Electrolysis is approved by the FDA as being permanent and safe, however Laser is considered a reduction because we cannot guarantee to destroy all the hairs. We know that we destroy hairs with every treatment, but how many depends on the clients texture of hair and skin color. Treating clients in our clinic with the laser  we have seen some clients get up to 90% of their hairs destroyed and other clients may see only 50% destroyed. For those that get only 50% destroyed we can follow up with Electrolysis. After a laser treatment the hairs will begin to fall out in seven to fourteen days. The amount of hairs that will fall out will depend on how many hairs were in the active cycle for the laser to destroy.

Laser can target up to 100 follicles per pulse, where as with Electrolysis every hair is treated with a fine metal probe that is inserted into each follicle. As you can see Laser can treat more hairs per treatment and faster.

It is important during the consultation to determine which treatment plan is best for the client